Style Samurai : Kiko Cagayat

Francis ‘Kiko’ Cagayat is one of the few lookbooker/samurais who wear fashion for passion. Mixing his talent in advertising and his amazing taste for clothing he comes up with mad ideas for his looks. This guy isn’t only a fashionista but he also got a thing for paint too! He makes these crazy DIY tote bags with paintings of iconic people from my favorite Lana Del Rey to Mother Monster to match his looks.



Unlike the previous Sundays I had the past month; May 13 was unexpectedly fun yet exhausting. My cousins planned an outing with a few of our relatives. I’m still quite handful of work so I said no. Of course they didn’t took no for an answer so I just came along. We stayed at a resort way south at Pansol, Calamba. My pamangkins and two of my godchildren were there. They were so cute!

Beautiful the youth, you know. 


Joy-joy having fun.

Little Naomi