Esquire PH's and my pin-up Girls

Your summer just got hotter as Esquire Magazine PH reveals its latest issue with Pattie Grandidge on the cover. “We’re bringing sexy back”-Esquire gives the Men of the Philippines new pin-ups featuring  Grandidge, Sarah Lahbati, Coleen Garcia, Carla Humphries, Martine Cajucom, and Marianna Henud. Bianca Gonzales was the only chic on the cover of their April issue and it was blazing. So how crazy is this new one? Go grab a copy of the new  Esquire. In stores now! 


The Gang and the Bang

The past weeks had been really heavy for me. I haven’t been blogging nor drawing. I’m currently bombarded with meet-ups and pressworks for our publication, and I still got loads of stuff to do before summer ends and May’s just around the corner. I really can’t call this summer, no? Luckily I found little time to hang out with my friends. Here are some pictures of us lollygaggin’ in the sun.

The Fort


Your Summer Siren

Leave the books we’re in the midst of this year’s summer season! Yes, it’s that time of the year that we’re all excited about minus the presents and the ho-ho-ho’s. This summer is somewhat special, do you guys agree? You can tell it’s getting hotter and hotter everyday and everyone wants to skinny dip. Go log your Facebook account, what do you see? Hot girls in bikinis and buffed up jocks rule your news feeds, beach and nightlife party shout outs echoing on twitter.


Alienesque Beauty

You don’t have to fight an army of Huns, be Mulan and wear heels to be an icon. It’s pretty obvious that there are only few renowned Asian models that had work for top agencies across the globe and we have always wondered where these eastern chics, especially Filipinas are hiding from the world of high fashion. 

Last month I grabbed a copy of Status Magazine’s Fame Issue and saw a spread of Danica Magpantay. Although I have known her for over a year now and have seen her multiple times all over the social media, her face just never gets old for me. I really adore her alienesque beauty, definitely one of my top favorite models to date. You’ve seen Danica on advertisements, magazines and runways or should I say ‘her yellow brick road to success’. Her ultimate win was to be the International Ford’s Supermodel of the World 2011, after that everyone wanted a piece of her-oh she’s definitely living the dream.


Eggs all day

When I was a young boy that still loved chocolate and pinipig-coated ice cream, my family used to visit Riviera, a country club here in the south. Riviera annually hosts an Easter Sunday party where youngsters play the infamous Egg Hunting game. I was never the lucky boy that was awarded a trophy with a mountain of candies at the end of the day. I thought the staffs were clever hiding the multi-colored eggs, but then again I was twelve. I remember my mom entering me and my sister on an egg decorating contest, but again no trophies or sweet treats for me, I kept on breaking the eggs.


Hail Mcqueen!

I interviewed Marita Galvez a freelance fashion stylist for my Journalism class. The interview was a quick Q&A(article below), I love everything about her and I wanted to know more. Didn’t know how to thank her so I drew her.

You look what now? Don’t know how to spice up your evening look? Fashion styling is never an easy equation to solve but Marita Galvez has been killing it! Despite her fabulous clients, her name is new to the industry. Not only she has a taste and works as a fashion stylist, she is also a senior writer for When In Manila and also known as Deejay Mcqueen of Mellow 94.7. So if you’re one of those who don’t know, it’s about time you recognize her.

G: So you have work for a number of clients as a stylist. Could you tell us when did your interest in fashion        started?

M: It started when I was in the lowest part of my teenage life. I was depressed. One cause was my obesity. I remembered buying a pair of jeans but all the woman sizes didn’t fit me. So I had to look at the men’s section to find something that would suit me. 



This is one of my personal works. I have developed a new style still containing my swag, nature and fashion. This piece was inspired by cult icon James Dean. 



Last month, March 10, I and three of my friends from The Bedan Herald attended the 5th Young Multimedia and Graphic Designer’s Summit at DLSU. Its main goal is to expose aspiring artists/students to the business side of Multimedia and Digital Arts. The convention that was organized by Moomedia provided its audiences a venue for them to showcase their skills and interact with the industry’s professionals.

The first lecture was from Visual Artist Katrina Pallon. With her lecture she shared us her experience and
 works that are influenced by the intricacies of Viennese and French art nouveau. I really dig her romanticism style and I love that she is a Tolkien fan! Ha ha