The Press calls for fresh Blood.

School just started with the rainy weather on its tail. Summer just waved goodbye but that doesn’t mean the fun’s over. Reunite with your friends and see new faces! Forget the “I’m too cool for school” because school you see, is FUN and is actually quite COOL. But to make it more exciting, why not join organizations? Publication ones, perhaps?

As frosh blood infiltrates our school grounds, The Bedan Herald, SBCA’s official student publication gives them the freshmen issue for this school year. Right before June started, I and most of the Editors of the organization teamed up for the upcoming issue. It took us almost 4 days staying at MJC printing press for the issue at Pandacan, Manila. It was bitter work for most of us due to our OJTs. Plus our Summer Fever was still on. Ha ha 

Vance, Marco and I. Mon took this picture I think, 
this was supposed to be candied. LOL



Not so far, far away.

Far, far away from the busy streets and towering buildings of Manila is the South where Nuvali, one of the most hip hangouts here in Luzon is located. Last Sunday my siblings and I had a little get-together with our cousins at their residence at Avida Settings. Nuvali is just 5 minutes away from our village here in Sta. Rosa so there’s no problem for us getting there.  Driving our way to Avida however was torpid due its location is about 2km away complete with zig-zagging roads from Nuvali. The picturesque view was worth it though. 

At the house: Sis texting. Look at that smile, she's prolly sexting. LOL jk