Unlike the previous Sundays I had the past month; May 13 was unexpectedly fun yet exhausting. My cousins planned an outing with a few of our relatives. I’m still quite handful of work so I said no. Of course they didn’t took no for an answer so I just came along. We stayed at a resort way south at Pansol, Calamba. My pamangkins and two of my godchildren were there. They were so cute!

Beautiful the youth, you know. 


Joy-joy having fun.

Little Naomi

I didn’t take much photos. Water was everywhere I didn’t want to get wet at that time. I took a dip for a bit. I didn’t take long because I brought work with me. I know I’m K.J. And no, I don’t have a summer photo of me because I don’t have a summer body. LOL

Cabin. Sad, I had to share it with my brother.


Huhu. Here's my notebook full of notes and print outs of, I can't tell you. I'm writing an article for our college's paper. And btw I saw a really cheap refill-ballpoint for my Parker pen for only 60 bucks! Ha ha

I call this baby my mini suit case! I got this bag from a thrift shop for only P500. I wasn't flattered with its strap so I cut it off.  Whenever I want to convert it to a sling bag I attach the strap from my lacoste bag. I super-glued that Heneiken beer coaster my parents got me when they went to Netherlands. 

NCAA South zine layout print-out. I was tasked to finish the layout but thankfully the original guy behind this called me before I got my hands and ruined the layout. LOL

Of course I found time to entertain myself. These are the May Issues of my two favorite magazines. Hoorah at least I got them and beer! :)

I haven't been updating this blog as planned. I'm just so busy this summer. This might be the most productive summer I'll ever have. I'll post the works I've been doing this season soon!

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