Style Samurai : Kiko Cagayat

Francis ‘Kiko’ Cagayat is one of the few lookbooker/samurais who wear fashion for passion. Mixing his talent in advertising and his amazing taste for clothing he comes up with mad ideas for his looks. This guy isn’t only a fashionista but he also got a thing for paint too! He makes these crazy DIY tote bags with paintings of iconic people from my favorite Lana Del Rey to Mother Monster to match his looks.

G: I’m sure Japan’s not any hotter than the Philippines this season. But define your style this Summer if you were here? 
K: Summer here starts from July up to October and it`s as hot as in the Philippines. So whatever you see on my posts is what I usually wear during summer. The style is close to Topman. I love wearing loose or over-sized shirts (I prefer white shirts) and my skinny black pants together with a bowler hat or a fedora. I might look like a punk if I add creepers for my shoes but I don`t care. I just like that kind of look.

G: Any fashion icons? 
K: My fashion icons are James Dean and Sean O`pry . They both have the boy-next-door look.  I like their sleek brunette hairstyle and their edgy look.
I also love the military looks of Michael Jackson. Exclude the long curly hair and dress shoes together with white socks. I`m not a Michael Jackson fanatic but I just love military looks and I feel like a prince whenever I wear that kind of style.

G: What’s a fashion victim for you?
K: A person who is trying to look cool even though he can`t carry himself into the public. I just remembered myself last Sunday. I had this “Yakuza” look. I was wearing a gold necklace and studded boots and a spiked hairstyle. And that style is not really me. I just don`t know why I am wearing those things last Sunday. It didn’t feel comfortable and I just want to hide from people so they won’t see me with that look. So for short, trying-hard.

Hitler, GaGa, Pacman, Adele D.I.Y.totebags by Kiko

G: How did you come up with these D.I.Y. tote bags that go with your looks?
K: I was a fine arts student back in college. I didn’t able to finish it since I have to be in Japan before I reach 20 years old. Actually, I hate painting. It`s very time consuming and since I started working, my motto in life became “Time is gold”. I spent only an hour just for a bag. Well, I think what I did was only a draft. Designing and Advertising is my passion and I could be able to continue that dream through posting in Lookbook. I feel like doing an advertisement every time I think of a lookbook post.

G: What mediums do you use for your head-turner tote bags?
K: I use ordinary acrylic paints. It`s the best medium when it comes to painting in canvass. I don`t use a mixing plate. My alternative is paper; so I could be able to dispose it after use.

Lana del Rey, Winehouse, Minaj, Houston

G: It’s obvious that you’re a music lover; your tote bags are mostly paintings of Record Artists. Do your bags carry a message for them?
K: I painted Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse right after they died. Well, I guess it`s just a simple commemoration for them for their last moments before people forget them.

G: I’ve heard these aren’t for sale! But have you ever thought of making a business out of it?
K: Yes, they are not for sale but I am thinking of going in a clothing line business or maybe pursue this tote bag business. But I think I will need help from my friends who are professional and talented artists. I think this business will be great if they will be the one painting, I`ll just command them what to do. I have to think this seriously if ever I enter business. 

G: What keeps you busy these days?
K: I am already working. I wake up at five in the morning and I go back home at around five to seven in the evening from Monday to Saturday. I also attend my Japanese class on Sundays but as of now we’re on vacation. Classes will resume on May 20. I usually have headaches during Sundays due of having lack of sleep, stressful days and an exhausted brain. I forgot to tell I always have an empty stomach.  Being so accompanied with work makes me forget about eating. 

G: What’s next for Francis Cagayat?
K: Actually I have no Idea. I`m planning to go back to Manila by June after I get my Visa extension, that`s my priority this year. I miss my elder sister as well as her family. I can`t get enough to see my friends too (the real ones). And I would also like to meet some of my fellow “Lookbookers” who I never met yet when I get back to Manila.

I've been hyping this guy's posts since 2009 back when I was still active on lookbook. Ha ha For more of Kiko, visit his lookbook here

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