Not so far, far away.

Far, far away from the busy streets and towering buildings of Manila is the South where Nuvali, one of the most hip hangouts here in Luzon is located. Last Sunday my siblings and I had a little get-together with our cousins at their residence at Avida Settings. Nuvali is just 5 minutes away from our village here in Sta. Rosa so there’s no problem for us getting there.  Driving our way to Avida however was torpid due its location is about 2km away complete with zig-zagging roads from Nuvali. The picturesque view was worth it though. 

At the house: Sis texting. Look at that smile, she's prolly sexting. LOL jk

My lovely cousin Trisha doing her ‘thing’.

These are my cousins Jolo and Miguel, obviously occupied by boredom. It was a really lazy Sundazed. We guys love to watch Adventure Time. The show’s murdered with silliness. We could’ve watched an entire season on my laptop all day but we figured to just go and look around the village instead.

But before that how can I miss their dog, Cha-cha? She’ll be turning 
12 this year *cries* that’s like 61 human years. Boy, She has grown beautifully!

Bro Gio and my baby cousin, Nicole.

Strolling, I noticed that the houses have modern designs which I really really Iike. Most of them have access to neighboring gardens through their backyards. The design of Avida is really eco-friendly and fresh. The whole place is really quiet. Too quiet, it’s suspicious! JK. But seriously it gives you that kind of feeling.

What do you expect, they only live once? Cheese.

I was wearing this Lee sweatshirt I got from Christmas 2010. 
It was really gusty that day. We played softball, I had no clue.

Later that afternoon we went to REPUBL1C Wakepark just a few minutes away from Avida. The rates were crazy cheap, I would definitely want to try wakeboarding. It’s a bummer that the camera ran out of juice when we got there. There was this girl who I thought was the definition of kickass, she was all-over that ‘omg-wakeboarding-is-hard’ thing. There were a lot of people drinking and having fun trying to enjoy their last day/s of summer.

That day was really something. I thought the place was really close to paradise which makes it not so far, far away. 

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