The Press calls for fresh Blood.

School just started with the rainy weather on its tail. Summer just waved goodbye but that doesn’t mean the fun’s over. Reunite with your friends and see new faces! Forget the “I’m too cool for school” because school you see, is FUN and is actually quite COOL. But to make it more exciting, why not join organizations? Publication ones, perhaps?

As frosh blood infiltrates our school grounds, The Bedan Herald, SBCA’s official student publication gives them the freshmen issue for this school year. Right before June started, I and most of the Editors of the organization teamed up for the upcoming issue. It took us almost 4 days staying at MJC printing press for the issue at Pandacan, Manila. It was bitter work for most of us due to our OJTs. Plus our Summer Fever was still on. Ha ha 

Vance, Marco and I. Mon took this picture I think, 
this was supposed to be candied. LOL


Mother Monster Hannah, she was born this day. 
(that day, the day before actually) ha ha

Those nights were absolutely nerve-wracking and fun. To put even more pressure to
ourselves, we watched horror flicks and played haunting games. Ha ha I regret nothing though.

Our Associate Editor murdering articles. 
I promise to give you better articles next time. jk jk

Not only we welcome fresh and young blood this season but we also 
welcome Monsoons. I love the rain, not a fan of being wet though. 

We got hungry during those late hours and McDonald's wasn't enough to satisfy us. When we thought searching for grub was impossible, we found a box full of newsletters from different schools.   (the one on top is our latest Graduation Issue) Just to name a few were papers from The Bedan, Dawn,  The Bedan Lamp and The Scholastican. There was also Greenpiece the monthly magazaine of The Pamantasan. We took home some copies. It was nice having them!

We were so spent as we wrapped up everything for this issue. I can tell most of us were itching for our comfy bed sheets back home. LOL. Those four days were really stressful but we all know it’s going to be rewarding. As of now our freshmen issue is out and is all over SBCA's campus, don't miss it okay? :) 

Photos (c) Jessa Ayson. Now here’s a promotional video of The Bedan Herald made 
by the awesome Boom Lopez! Don’t forget to follow us on facebook and twitter 

Are you one of us? 

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