Esquire PH's and my pin-up Girls

Your summer just got hotter as Esquire Magazine PH reveals its latest issue with Pattie Grandidge on the cover. “We’re bringing sexy back”-Esquire gives the Men of the Philippines new pin-ups featuring  Grandidge, Sarah Lahbati, Coleen Garcia, Carla Humphries, Martine Cajucom, and Marianna Henud. Bianca Gonzales was the only chic on the cover of their April issue and it was blazing. So how crazy is this new one? Go grab a copy of the new  Esquire. In stores now! 


Dirty. Who's this? Clue: a lookbook icon. I will be 
posting the interview and the finished illustration soon!

I've been looking at vintage pin-up girls lately. I thought they have the 
coolest hairstyles! Ha ha

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