Eggs all day

When I was a young boy that still loved chocolate and pinipig-coated ice cream, my family used to visit Riviera, a country club here in the south. Riviera annually hosts an Easter Sunday party where youngsters play the infamous Egg Hunting game. I was never the lucky boy that was awarded a trophy with a mountain of candies at the end of the day. I thought the staffs were clever hiding the multi-colored eggs, but then again I was twelve. I remember my mom entering me and my sister on an egg decorating contest, but again no trophies or sweet treats for me, I kept on breaking the eggs.

Early this morning I had four eggs. No, I’m lying, I only ate three. The other one is inside the fridge, hopefully someone would care to eat/use it. The first egg shell gave drama. It was nerve wracking to draw on it, it got smashed to pieces. I didn't put much detail and color on them; the egg shell was really small and fragile. 

Now where can I buy ostrich eggs? 

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