Last month, March 10, I and three of my friends from The Bedan Herald attended the 5th Young Multimedia and Graphic Designer’s Summit at DLSU. Its main goal is to expose aspiring artists/students to the business side of Multimedia and Digital Arts. The convention that was organized by Moomedia provided its audiences a venue for them to showcase their skills and interact with the industry’s professionals.

The first lecture was from Visual Artist Katrina Pallon. With her lecture she shared us her experience and
 works that are influenced by the intricacies of Viennese and French art nouveau. I really dig her romanticism style and I love that she is a Tolkien fan! Ha ha

The program went on when Vince Aseo took the stage and showcased his Vector projects. I have been a fan of vector illustrations for a very long time now. Back at ‘07 when most of the Filipinos were in the midst of their Friendster days I taught myself how to do vectors and that was the time I noticed some of Aseo’s works.

It was 1pm when we got back from lunch; the next speaker was Valerie Chua a Manila-based illustrator. She’s known for her use of traditional media such as watercolor, gouache and many others. I am a huge fan of Valerie Chua. When her part of the forum started I couldn’t help myself to get the microphone and ask her questions.

Here’s a picture of me making a fool of myself. I had jitters talking to her and it was pretty obvious. Eh sino ba namang hindi kakabahan kung kaharap mo na ang ini-idolo mo. I told her that I was a fan. People started to laugh and make ‘Yieee <3’ noises. It was a bit embarrassing for my part but meh atleast I gave a bit of entertainment. Ha ha. It was finally nice to see her in flesh. She was lanky and dorky in a good way just like as I imagined her to be. Too bad she had to go after her talk, my friends wanted a picture with her. Kunwari pa akong hindi ko gusto.LOL

I am also a huge fan of Dan Matutina, a graphic designer and illustrator. I saw some of his works on Esquire Magazine and most on the internet. I love his style and how he uses different kinds of textures in his works plus he has this amazing humor. When it was time for him to entertain questions I stood up and asked away. I wasn’t nervous that time but I was hungry because of his Turon lecture. Yum! Wait, I thought this was an artists’ seminar?

The last speaker was music photographer Nina Sandejas. This tigress’ den are concert stages taking shots of both local and international artists across the globe. She showed us her portfolio containing photographs of Rivermaya, John Mayer, Kanye West, MUSE and many more. I thought Sandejas was really cute and was a very chill chic. Ha ha

Sadly the convention had to end. Much thanks to my friend Mary Grace of Moomedia for sharing this event to me and my friends. Thanks to Moomedia’s photographers Jelvin Base, Andrew Pamorada and Gerard del Mundo for the photos.

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