The Gang and the Bang

The past weeks had been really heavy for me. I haven’t been blogging nor drawing. I’m currently bombarded with meet-ups and pressworks for our publication, and I still got loads of stuff to do before summer ends and May’s just around the corner. I really can’t call this summer, no? Luckily I found little time to hang out with my friends. Here are some pictures of us lollygaggin’ in the sun.

The Fort

Beef Carpaccio. Yes, they made me eat raw beef. 
Gerard's uber cheesy lasagna
US Steak
Gerard and Mikki. I don't like being in photos 
besides I was sweating so bad. Blazing, that day was!

Gerard's Place

well Hello there Gen. Nice of you to join us!
Iron Chef Gerard being busy.
French Onion soup
Cheese Frittata. Yum!
Pork Tenderloin with balsamic vinegar reduction 
and Garlic pasta. I did the plating, I'm learning!
lazy fun afternoon

Food was awesome! Had so much fun with the gang. Looking forward to hang with you guys again. All photos from the amazing Chef Gerard. Check out his Photodiary HERE.

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