Hail Mcqueen!

I interviewed Marita Galvez a freelance fashion stylist for my Journalism class. The interview was a quick Q&A(article below), I love everything about her and I wanted to know more. Didn’t know how to thank her so I drew her.

You look what now? Don’t know how to spice up your evening look? Fashion styling is never an easy equation to solve but Marita Galvez has been killing it! Despite her fabulous clients, her name is new to the industry. Not only she has a taste and works as a fashion stylist, she is also a senior writer for When In Manila and also known as Deejay Mcqueen of Mellow 94.7. So if you’re one of those who don’t know, it’s about time you recognize her.

G: So you have work for a number of clients as a stylist. Could you tell us when did your interest in fashion        started?

M: It started when I was in the lowest part of my teenage life. I was depressed. One cause was my obesity. I remembered buying a pair of jeans but all the woman sizes didn’t fit me. So I had to look at the men’s section to find something that would suit me. 

Then I started this obsession with getting thin and then I realized why I should have to fit into a jean other than the jean fitting me. So I started learning how to sew myself,  and every time I was sad about family, friends or other things, I would sew eight hours straight.

Queen's hive.

G: That’s sad but also inspiring. I know a lot of girls on that very same situation. I have to say I have to admire that. Could you share how did your style changed through time?

M: I was influenced by trends and people but mostly, I developed a certain taste for fashion. You see,

"Taste is something in born; you can't learn it"
That’s what clients hire me for. I combine it with my own knowledge of sewing and textile.

Ericka and Krissy at ASAP styled by Marita

G: Who and what fuels/inspires you ?

M: One would be Soho. I’m inspired by New York combined with African culture, underground London scenes and a big part would be music. I’m never all girly in style I like mixing it with a band shirt one way or the other. Music is a big part of me.

G: That's so rad. So what’s next for Marita Galvez aka Deejay Mcqueen?

M: a fashion line  or a styling firm!


I met Marita when we were at highschool. She entered Augustinian Idol, a CSA BiƱan annual event back at ’07, the chic can sing. Her voice is stellar and sexy. She transferred schools after that year but that didn’t stop me from hanging out on her tumblr account. LOL 

Check out her hot blog here : maritagalvez.tumblr.com


  1. Marita is so talented!! By the way, I love your Blog layout/Header! Compared to my lame layout/Header! Ha ha

    The Dandy Ayds

    1. she is! ha ha Thanks :) I like yours, so original!