Your Summer Siren

Leave the books we’re in the midst of this year’s summer season! Yes, it’s that time of the year that we’re all excited about minus the presents and the ho-ho-ho’s. This summer is somewhat special, do you guys agree? You can tell it’s getting hotter and hotter everyday and everyone wants to skinny dip. Go log your Facebook account, what do you see? Hot girls in bikinis and buffed up jocks rule your news feeds, beach and nightlife party shout outs echoing on twitter.

Sadly, not all of us can enjoy the fun due of summer classes and diabolic internships required for us college students to graduate. But don’t let this ruin your summer kids; I’m sure everyone has time for a bit of fun. However if you’re just that unlucky guy (or gal) sitting in the corner like me, here’s a list of pool-themed, eargasmic music videos that will literally make you high and just want to have fun.

Here’s Fantasy by DyE. My friend, Gerard shared it on twitter and I got hooked to it. I dig the track and the animation here, it reminds me of Studio Ghilbi. Horrific sci-fi version! (warning video contains adult content)

This next video is something you don’t see every day. This one’s a hybrid of a short film and music video that connects the emotions of a short with beats and lyrics of music.

I saved the best for last. Here’s Blue Jeans by my summer siren Lana del Rey. This is just visually stunning and the song is just amazeballs.

“Red, white, blues in the skies. Summer’s in the air. Baby heaven’s in your eyes”

I wanted to share my favorite line on her song, National Anthem. Don’t waste your summer folks, hit the pools or just listen to music! B-)

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